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Snort Conf version 0.4.* (BETA)

What is it?

SnortConf is a tool that provides an intuitive, easy to use menu-based interface for setting up the configuration file of the GPL IDS tool Snort. It provides error and sanity checking on user input, and an online help facility. It aims to ease the pain of the first time Snort user getting everything properly configured and running.


Currently, I've just released a Snortconf version to match up to Snort version 1.9.0. I apologize for the late release date; this project is a unique one for me, in that I don't use this program myself (I like the text editor method better personally), so I tend to forget about it if nobody pesters me, which nobody has. Speaking of which:

NOTE TO USERS: If you like this program, or hate this program, or anything else about this program (feature requests? bugs?), please provide me some feedback. My purpose in releasing this program in it's current BETA state was to get feedback from people who use it, and to date I have gotten exactly 1 person willing to drop me an e-mail on the subject. The rest of you are encouraged to join in.


This program is still in it's early development stages, and has not completed the full first cycle of implementing all current ideas/ideals for this project. It has however, reached the point where it is fairly usefull, and the author has found no major problems with the existing features/functions, and it has been publicly released for the purpose of getting people to start using it, and generating feedback to the author. You are encouraged to join in by using it, testing, and reporting problems and suggestions.

Build Notes:

The program should compile on almost any POSIX system with a Curses library. It has only been tested on Linux/Ncurses however, so users of other platforms are encouraged to report any issues they encounter with either the build process, or any runtime errors.

This program has been coded under fairly strict ANSI C guidelines enforced by compiler flags. The author is self-taught, so if the compiler is missing "bad things" with "-W -Wall -Werror -ansi -pedantic", the author is un-aware of them. Please report any such "bad things" you may see.


For snort version(s): 1.9.0

For snort version(s) 1.8.7: (NOTE: 0.4.1 was broken, 0.4.1-2 is better :)

For snort version(s) 1.8.3-1.8.6:


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Best of luck. :)


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