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About this site:

This is a non-profit site created by (me) A.L.Lambert, for no real reason, other than so that I might have a place in cyberspace to call my own. Mostly at this time, it just hosts my e-mail, some old outdated OpenSource projects of mine, and the occasional private link for my personal use.

What means this, Xjack?:

The name Xjack has no special significance at all, it was just a domain that was free to be registered that I thought would be easy enough to allow people to remember my e-mail address/website without having to write it down.

Projects currently hosted here:

  • The Log Tool project.

    Logtool is a syslog file parser, report generator, and monitoring utility. It takes syslog (and syslog compatible) logfiles as input from stdin, and depending on command line switches and/or config file settings, will parse and filter out unwanted messages from the logfile accordingly, and generate output in ANSI color, formatted ASCII, CSV (for spreadsheets), or HTML format. It is very handy for use in automated nightly reports, and online monitoring of logfile activity. It comes with some simple example scripts and documentation.

    By: A.L.Lambert

  • Re-Tail.

    Re-Tail is intended to be an intelligent incremental logfile reader. It will check a list of files given on the command line for new entries, and print anything it finds to stdout. It is intended as a companion to logtool, noted above.

    By: A.L.Lambert

  • The Snort Conf project.

    SnortConf is a tool that provides an intuitive, easy to use menu-based interface for setting up the configuration file of the GPL IDS tool Snort. It provides error and sanity checking on user input, and an online help facility. It aims to ease the pain of the first time Snort user getting everything properly configured and running.

    By: A.L.Lambert

  • Cli-Crypt-1.0

    A command line interface to the crypt(); function. Useful for shell scripts (of course) to do such things as "useradd -P`crypt cleartext` username" on older Linux'es that still use the libcrypt to generate system passwords, or (the reason I wrote this utility) to generate crypt'ed passwords for use with proftpd when running it with it's own separate password file. You will need the usual devel tools installed to build this package (make, gcc/egcs, glibc/libc-devel). You should also take note, that this is not the best random salt generator you'll ever see, but it works. :)

    By: A.L.Lambert

  • SiteMon-0.6

    A quick and dirty little network monitoring utility, written in borne shell. It will check for ICMP connectivity, TCP and UDP connectivity as specified in the config file, and page you or e-mail you if something stops or starts working. It has no user interface, or anything else fancy, it just checks up on hosts, and pages you/e-mails you if one breaks. I know it works on RedHat 5.2 systems, and should work on most other systems, but I have not put much effort into cross-platform-ifying it so you may need to change a few things to get it running on a non RedHat 5.2 box. It also requires nmap, qpage, and ping.

    By: A.L.Lambert

  • Cisco->Kiwi's Syslogd Parser

    This is a VERY simple little C program which was written by request, that will parse logfiles generated by Cisco routers, and logged via Kiwi's Syslogd on Windows NT into a less copious format. Currently it only parses %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN messages, and discards anything else it finds. It outputs in the following format:

    02-27-2001 07:42:50 srcip-or-hostname InterfaceID/SubID Status
    This code has been known to compile on Windows NT 4.0 with Cyg-Win32/GCC, and any known version of Linux. Considering the simplicity of the code, I would expect it to compile on anything with stdio.h, and string.h.

    By: A.L.Lambert


    Please e-mail any suggestions/requests/etc to A.L.Lambert (pgp public key).

( Copyright 2001-2002 A.L.Lambert <al@xjack.org>, all rights reserved. )